A bottle filled with hardened salt because of it stays to long in the bottle, so it can’t be used as it it. The main function of salt is to give salty taste to food. Since the salt already hardened, it no longer can be used to salt food. In order to remain in use, the salt should be forced out using stick or something.

Just like my life, if I stay too long in one condition, then it will be too comfortable for me until I don’t want to move anywhere else. It’s not good! I have to get out of my comfort zone to get the best life! Have to keep moving, can’t stay in one condition too long, or I can’t be blessing for others. Yes I can still be blessing for other only if I get out of the comfort zone, it won’t be easy for me to get out of it, until something happen and force me to get out of the comfort zone either it’s a sickness, financial problem, relationship problem, or else.

So, stay in the comfort zone or keep moving? The choice is yours 😉


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