Michan, who knows what Michan is? My friends called me Michan, it was in 2007 – 2008, 3 years ago.

bisnis online anak muda

Today, I meet a friend who still calls me Michan, it’s funny & silly. Brings me back to those memories, it was the beginning of my dream, modeling, you can re-read the story on Ugly Model (https://grcyrn.wordpress.com/2011/12/23/ugly-model/).

Kinda miss those moments when friends called me Michan 😉






Nekad Naked

Today, this evening, when I was at one of my store, my good friend, Lia, BBM me, it said, “ASK RUDI TO ANSWER MY CALL … !!! DO NOT BE A CHICKEN”

It was shocking me! But since I was happy because of 2 sells just happened at that time, I didn’t pay much attention on my BB, until I read the message. Wow! Shocking! I still asked her about what was happening between heLiar & Rudi. She didnt answer. Then another message came from her, “Asked Rudi to call me, or I will jump from this building”

Panic! Yes, I was panic! Even I know she was not going to do that, but still, it’s someone’s life, I was the only one knowing about that, even not in detail.

So I asked Rudi to call or answer Lia, but he didn’t give a good respond. Mmm… after converse with both, Rudi & Lia, stubborn! They are stubborn!  None of them wanted  to give way to another, they were frozen x_x.

May be since Lia had no idea about what is Rudi going to do at that tome, Lia asked me to tell Rudi, “I am naked! All of my closest friends are here! Go told Rudi right now, Grace!”

Wew, naked?! Really? mmmm….

Then I asked Lia, “Naked? Take a photo and send to me :p”

Then I informed Rudi, “Lia is naked! All of her good friends surrounding her. Rudi, please call her now”

Rudi, “how do you know she is naked?”

Grc, “of course I know!”

After that I told Lia, “Already told Rudi, Lia is naked now!”

Lia’s reaction, “nekad, not naked! You embrass me” =))

Me, after re-read the messge, “ups, NEKAD not NAKED” o’ow, in trouble now x_x

Huahahahah, I am sorry Lia & Rudi, didnt mean it, really! I was just panic:p

at least, Lia didn’t naked 😛


*all names above are camouflaged, except mine

*nekad = insane, crazy

Christmas Eve



Today I have my Christmas Eve with Egy, Pita, Wilda, Thelma & Hugo. So much fun in it, even I can’t really enjoy the service, but yes, me myself, really enjoy seeing the kids there, they sitting on the floor, drawing, coloring, chit chat, running through the alley and laughing. Suddenly, kids have their own “Sunday School”, such a riot! Opa Louis give us CD New Day as Christmas present, yippie! Silently, I thank Lord, for DC Family, we supporting each other just like a family.

Private Sunday School 😛

Tomorrow, Anna will giving a birth, Caesar, all the best Sister! Yay! One more DC Member, Baby Josh on Christmas Day 🙂

Merry Christmas, everyboday! \(^_^)/

Cute Kids!

Reggie, Hugo & Thelma, after Christmas Service

After Christmas Eve Service ^^

Tante Tuce

Percakapan di BBM sama salah satu tante yang baru ketemu cuma beberapa kali. Tante ini salah satu sepupunya mami, kalo ga salah, hehe.

Grace, “Apakabar Tan?”

Tante Alice, “Baik”

Grace, “Hahaha, siapppp”

Tante Alice, “Kalian semua baik kan?”

Grace, “Baik donkkkkk:D. Tan, ada PINnya Tante Tuce?”

Tante Alice, “Yailah tante Tutje ya idem ama tante Alice, hahaha. Sama kaya om Atin idem sama om Umar or om Aswan idem om Erwin gicu lho hahahahaha. Tante kan anak bontot, lagi kecil kemana-mana buntutin mami. Jadi dipanggil si Tutje. Zadoel kan ortu kita omongnya bahasa belanda terus jadi ‘tje’ itu kan ungkapan sayang gicu lho. Bukan nama sih tapi jadi panggilan”

Grace, “Hadoh :p. Oh gt… Hahahaha *blushing*. Tu-nya apa?”

Tante Alice, “Tut dari si bontot yg selalu ngebuntut mami, heheheh. Kalo opa oma kamu selalu panggil tante Koei Lan. Cuma satu2nya deh yg panggil nama cina tante”

Grace, “Tje artinya ‘sayang’? Lucu tp:D”

Tante Alice, “Panggilan buat yg disayang”

Jaman sekarang di Jakarta, bisa jadi ga tau kalo tetangga sebenernya masih ada hubungan sodara. Teknologi makin modern, kemungkinan hubungan keluarga makin renggang, sedih.


Best Friend

The righteous should choose his friends carefully. —Proverbs 12:26

When I signed up for a popular Internet social network, I was shocked to be greeted with the words, “You have no friends.” Although I knew it was untrue, I still felt sad for a moment. The idea that anyone, even an impersonal Web site, would call me friendless was upsetting. Friends are essential for our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Friends listen to our heartaches without blaming us for having problems. They defend us when we’re under attack. They are happy when we succeed and sad when we fail. They give us wise counsel to keep us from making foolish choices. They even risk making us angry for the sake of making us right. My friends have done all of this and more for me.

Perhaps the best-known friendship in the Bible is that of Jonathan and David. Jonathan was heir to the throne of his father Saul. But he knew that the Lord had chosen David for that role, so he risked his own life to save his friend (1 Sam. 20).

As the Bible shows us, we need to choose friends carefully (Prov. 12:26). The very best friends are those who are friends with God and who strengthen our relationship with Him (1 Sam. 23:16).— Julie Ackerman Link

I do not ask for many friends,
But give me, Lord, the few
Whose loyalty and faithfulness
Are first of all to You. —Meadows

True friends are like diamonds—precious and rare.