Outreach Community – IES


Last Saturday, I joined outreach to Tangerang, there’s a small area with school, Church & housing in it, the ordinary one. We had a medical check up (general & dentist) and also singing & drawing competition for kids.

Mostly,the adults have problem with their ulcer, hypertension & diabetes, while the kids have problem with cold, cough, fever and malnutrition.

The volunteers can bring their kids, to play with the local people and experience new things here.

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Egy & Fish

Jakarta, Jan 29, 2012

Egy has new toy, 1 fish in mini aquarium, he got the fish from Jayden’s birthday party on Dec 28, 2011. Since that day, Egy put his fish in  a jar, he feeds and plays with the fish everyday.


Egy Feeding Fishes

3 weeks after that, he asked my dad to buy him more fish, so today, Egy & my dad go to Fish Store and buy 2 fishes + the equipment. This is Egy’s New Aquarium:p

Mini Aquarium

Mini Aquarium

Mini Aquarium

Mini Aquarium

He named them: Imas, Ikan & Egy, but I don’t know which one is Imas, Ikan & Egy 😀

Christmas Eve



Today I have my Christmas Eve with Egy, Pita, Wilda, Thelma & Hugo. So much fun in it, even I can’t really enjoy the service, but yes, me myself, really enjoy seeing the kids there, they sitting on the floor, drawing, coloring, chit chat, running through the alley and laughing. Suddenly, kids have their own “Sunday School”, such a riot! Opa Louis give us CD New Day as Christmas present, yippie! Silently, I thank Lord, for DC Family, we supporting each other just like a family.

Private Sunday School 😛

Tomorrow, Anna will giving a birth, Caesar, all the best Sister! Yay! One more DC Member, Baby Josh on Christmas Day 🙂

Merry Christmas, everyboday! \(^_^)/

Cute Kids!

Reggie, Hugo & Thelma, after Christmas Service

After Christmas Eve Service ^^