Christmas Eve



Today I have my Christmas Eve with Egy, Pita, Wilda, Thelma & Hugo. So much fun in it, even I can’t really enjoy the service, but yes, me myself, really enjoy seeing the kids there, they sitting on the floor, drawing, coloring, chit chat, running through the alley and laughing. Suddenly, kids have their own “Sunday School”, such a riot! Opa Louis give us CD New Day as Christmas present, yippie! Silently, I thank Lord, for DC Family, we supporting each other just like a family.

Private Sunday School 😛

Tomorrow, Anna will giving a birth, Caesar, all the best Sister! Yay! One more DC Member, Baby Josh on Christmas Day 🙂

Merry Christmas, everyboday! \(^_^)/

Cute Kids!

Reggie, Hugo & Thelma, after Christmas Service

After Christmas Eve Service ^^

How Far is The East from West?

Hey! I was walking for about 20 mins and enjoying the city light while listening the music. Bonus sweaty:p

Got this lyric from one of Casting Crown songs, how far is the east from west, can you give me the answer? 😉

Thanks Lord for today 🙂

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“Impossible” is one of God’s favorite words 😉

Ugly – Model

2008, it was my upside-down year, broke up with my boyfriend but at the same time it was the starting point to be a model.

I always wanted to be a model since I was a kid, but n

ever knew how to make it happened. Since I was not good-looking, silly, tomboy and so-on.

When I was in Junior High School, there were several friends who became finalists for a well-known teen magazine at that time. But nothing I could do, just starred at their luck, ups, luck? Yes, luck because they already knew how to make their-selves looking good, while me not.

As the time went-by, I went to university, more fashionable and feminine, even I were not that fashionable and feminine compared to my girl-friends. At least, heels, long hair & girly t-shirt, still not that girly ;p

My friends in university was always kidding me by saying, “hey! you walk like a model!” or something like that. I knew, they were kidding me, didn’t have any bad attitude, but every time they said something about model to me, I always said, “Amen!”

Years later, I still haven’t found a chance to be a model. And then I met my ex boyfriend, he always asked me to dress-up properly and put some make-up, but I always ignored it:p. And one day, after our short relationship, he broke me up, because of the “single parent” status. Couple weeks after that, I found him, dating a girl, fashionable! She was not pretty, but fashionable. This was hurting me, crying almost everyday, for around a year.  Always telling the same story to my good friends. Thanks to Melva, one of my good friends, she taught me how to make up and dress up properly, she took some photos in “changing room” while we tried several apparels from the boutique and uploaded them to Friendster and Facebook.

One day, in 2008, 1 of a new photographer who wanted to start his own business in photography asked me to be his model. This was my starting point to be a model. Dream came true!

promo oriflame

The photographer is Louis Lim, now he owns Louis Lim Photography, and quiet success :).

I am not saying that I am a great model, I am still learning how to be a good model. What I am trying to say is, just hold on to your dreams, one day, you will see, your dreams come true, we never know how. 🙂

This is my first photograph that led me to the model path, taken in fitting room using hand-phone camera by my friend, Melva Diana *hug*.

My First Photograph